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Procedure for becoming a member


  1. Expressing an interest in becoming a member of GS1 Macedonia by filling in and delivering the Registration form and GS1-01 Application form;

  2. Getting information about the GS1 Global Office and the Stature of GS1 Macedonia, and accepting all articles;

  3. Payment of the admission fee and membership fee on the basis of DECISION for establishment of the subscription fee membership fee and membership dues amount for use of the GS1 number in the year 2015, No. 02-229/5

  4. Allowing a review of the relevant documentation; and

  5. Signing the CONTRACT for membership in the Association for GS1 standards – GS1 Macedonia.

After the completion of the previous steps and the other formalities, the member company receives CERTIFICATE for the allocation of GS1 Unique Registration Number.

The procedure can be initiated with:

  1. Contacting the GS1 Macedonia staff;

  2. Mail/fax or

  3. Е-communication (Skype or e-mail).

IMPORTANT: If the document is signed in the offices of GS1 Macedonia, the representative of the member company must have the official seal and postmark seal. If the representative is not the manager of the company, the representative must have the authority and a written document to prove the authority to sign the contract.

Necessary documents for review:

  1. Certificate for the admission of the company and a document for the current state of the company from the official governmental body - original or a notarized copy.

After the review and the verification of the data presented in the Registration Form and GS1-01 Application Form, all the documents are returned.