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Accreditation – Base, concept and targets


Contemporary conditions of work, interactive relation of the participants in the market competition and the fight for affirmation and survival on the market demands daily making of new strategic decisions and their adequate operational implementation.

The quality Accreditation System comprises the existence, regular updating and accessibility of complete, precise information for certified business use, on national and international level, of the allocated companies` prefixes – GS1 Unique Identification Numbers (GS1UIN) of the members of GS1 Macedonia – as a base for legal and standardized bar-coding of their products and services, establishing of Global Location Numbers (GLN) and the register of the Global Trade Item Number (GTIN).

Certified Accreditation is an evidence for the company’s solvency in the International GS1 system and the correct implementation of GS1 System standards in all its segments.

The right for Certified Accreditation in GS1 system – GS1 Macedonia, GS1 in Europe and the International GS1 Organization – has all the members of GS1 Macedonia, except those which are in bankruptcy or liquidation, with unannounced status change in the last two years, respectively with unsettled or irregular settling of obligations towards GS1 Macedonia regarding the membership fees.


The Accreditation System is established in 2007, with the Decision of the Management Board of GS1 Macedonia (No. 47-13/4 from April 2nd, 2007). With the establishing of the Register of Accredited companies and its publishing on the GS1 Macedonia’s web site, a significant integration and standardization of the GS1 Macedonia data is realized. Parallel with it, is the process of emphasizing the importance and promotion of the role of Accreditation for the members of GS1 Macedonia.


The building up of contemporary and efficient system of scoring as appraisal of the capability of the members of GS1 Macedonia in settling of their obligations, which together with the other measures of the economic policy of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, should contribute in creation of the multi-dimensional system of evaluation of financial and economic performances of the economic entities-members of GS1 Macedonia, decreasing of the system’s risk, harmonization and standardization of the business operation of the Macedonian business community in the current integration processes towards EU and NATO.


Certified Accreditation of the members of GS1 Macedonia is the appraisal of the company’s capacity to settle its obligations related to the membership fee and the right of legal use of the Unique Identification Number (GS1UIN) within the national and international level. Having into consideration that for good market reputation its necessary to bring numerous business decisions, the certified accreditation membership in GS1 System is significant indicator and support in selection of business partner and following of competitive companies, respectively promotion of own business qualities and confirmation of the successfulness and scoring in national and international business community.


Certified Accreditation System will contribute for:

  1. Implementation of a new model for determining and promotion of the companies` successfulness and business ethics;
  2. Legally, and in accordance with the current international standards in the field of uniformed and identical bar-coding of products and services;
  3. Promotion of the successful companies meritorious for the development and implementation of GS1 system in the Republic of Macedonia;
  4. Increased rating of the member-companies of GS1 Macedonia;
  5. Differentiation and gradation of the members of GS1 Macedonia according to the scoring;
  6. Decreasing of business risk, more rational and more productive operation in production and trade;
  7. Increased national and international competitiveness of the production companies;
  8. Strengthening the economic entities information;
  9. Decreasing of the risk and strengthening of the distribution chain safety;
  10. Protection from forgery and/or unauthorized use of GS1 companies` prefixes for bar-coding;
  11. Increased protection of the intellectual property-brand;
  12. Decreasing of the gray economy;
  13. Establishing of GTIN Register for certified Macedonian trade products and services;
  14. Timely and correctly updating of the international GEPIR data base/register.